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Mission - BC Location!

COSMIC BINGO maybe continuing at Chances Boardwalk Mission, the FIRST EVER LOCATION that COSMIC BINGO played at in CANADA, as part of the SUPERNOVA 2 Event!

To qualify to be in the SUPERNOVA event you must win at one of the Cosmic Bingo weekends. Stay tuned to learn if Chances Boardwalk Mission will be able to fit it into their schedule of events!

Located at 7178 Horne Street in Beautiful Mission BC visit the website for Chances Boardwalk Mission Gaming Center and learn about all the fun available all week long there, including Slots, great Bingo and an AWESOME staff!! Click on the image below to visit their webspage for maps and all current jackpots available.

See pictures from Chances Mission Cosmic Bingo Click Here

Are you a Bingo Facility considering having COSMIC BINGO at your location and not exactly sure how to do it? We are happy to announce we are developing a comprehensive package that will walk you through the entire process of developing and launching your OWN COSMIC BINGO Just CLICK HERE to send us an email and we will tell you more about what we have to offer including consulting services both on or off site.

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