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Cosmic Bingo Pictures

COSMIC BINGO The Following are pictures from some of Cosmic Bingo's performances:

1. Doktor Strange hyping the players! 2. The Chilliwack Crowd!! 3. Two compete for the Prize wall!!


4. Deciding at the Prize wall!! 5. The Screaming Girls!! 6. The First Prize Wall the new one is smaller


7. Doktor Strange, The Host Go ahead, click his picture 8. Crowd Shot 9. Another Happy Table


10. Some Prizes 11. Doktor Strange and his new jacket. 12. Doing the O69 Jig!!


The Doktor's Profile... he SO loves what he does!!

The Doktor With Cosmic Bingo Players in Chilliwack Bingo


The Doktor with Cosmic Bingo Players from Chances Mission


The Doktor with Dawson Creek Cosmic Bingo Players


The Doktor in FSJ with Cosmic Bingo


The Doktor in Kamloops with Cosmic Bingo

The Doktor in Langley with Cosmic Bingo

The Doktor in Maple Ridge with Cosmic Bingo

The Doktor in Newton with Cosmic Bingo

The Doktor in Esquimalt with Cosmic Bingo 2010

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