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Playtime Gaming Langley - BC Location!

COSMIC BINGO had a GREAt run at Playtime Langley in 2009!!!LET THEM KNOW YOU WANT IT BACK THERE!!

Cosmic Bingo is now playing exclusively at one location in Vancouver Click Here to see where that is!

Our second floor is now home to 50 slots and is an intimate setting to play slots or enjoy a casual dining experience at Coasters.
The first floor is dedicated to Bingo and offers guests 195 electronic terminals and 144 traditional bingo seats. On this level, Coasters Express offers a menu options to take back to your gaming seat.

Playtime Gaming Langley Supports our Community – Last year 46 organizations in the Langley area received over 1.6 Million in community grants. There is something for everyone at Playtime Langley and now there is No Better Time to Play!

Playtime Gaming Langley Address: 19664-64th Avenue, Langley BC, V2Y 1H3 Phone: (604) 539-9499
Hours of Operation: Slots 10a - 12a (Fri & Sat 1a) | Bingo 12p - 12a

Are you a Bingo Facility considering having COSMIC BINGO at your location and not exactly sure how to do it? We are happy to announce we are developing a comprehensive package that will walk you through the entire process of developing and launching your OWN COSMIC BINGO Just CLICK HERE to send us an email and we will tell you more about what we have to offer including consulting services both on or off site.

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This is BINGO for a WHOLE NEW crowd of Players!!!

If you are looking for a quiet relaxing night of Bingo then THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU SHOULD GO!!!!!

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