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These are pics from our Themed "Pajama Party" Cosmic Bingo What a blast!!

This is Bingo combined with Great Music, exciting and fun mini games and whole new way of playing Bingo unlike you have ever seen before! Hosted in select BC locations by a leading authority on Bingo related entertainment DOKTOR STRANGE!! who also developed the format for the Canadian edition and it has proven to be what the Bingo world not only needs but has been waiting for!!

Launched for the first time anywhere in Canada at the Chances Boardwalk Mission Gaming Center on SATURDAY APRIL 18th 2009!! It proved to be a fantastic success. A 4 week trial period showed conclusively that this is what will bring a whole new demographic to the world of Bingo.

The current version is an evening event that includes two sessions of Bingo lasting about 2 hours. The cost: ONLY $20!! Minimum payouts in the Bingo ranged from $50 to $100 per game. BUT WAIT THERE's MORE! There are Mini Game, Prizes, Secret Jackpots, some real craziness and most important FUN FUN FUN THROUGHOUT!!

Cosmic Bingo began at the Mystic Lake Casino/Bingo facility in Minnesota and has been brought here and had a new version developed by an authority on Bingo related Entertainment: Stephen R. Kaplan (who bears an uncanny resemblance to Doktor Strange) An interesting fact: The Mystic Lake Cosmic Bingo began about two months after Kaplan was there doing a seminar at a Class II gaming conference, the same one he did at the Bingo World Expo in Las Vegas that same year and the seminar was called "Your Bingo is Boring and it doesn't have to be"

Our Mandate is to bring this new style of Bingo to facilities across our great country. We encourage Bingo operators to embrace this exciting concept and we are happy to offer our services to you in getting it started. You can also become a part of our COSMIC BINGO COMMUNITY and all that it entails should you wish to join with us. Create your own version or work with ours, but just see what this new version of Bingo does and see a whole new demographic come in, play and have a blast! Contact us today to discuss how you can have COSMIC BINGO at your facility!!

Kaplan is the creator of The Bingo Game Board Game, Wicked Bingo The Game Show and is founder and President of The Bingo Game Group

This is BINGO for a WHOLE NEW crowd of Players!!!

If you are looking for a quiet relaxing night of Bingo then THIS IS NOT WHERE YOU SHOULD GO!!!!!

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